Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Old Collection of Paintings

I thought I would post some older paintings to show everyone another dimension. These paintings all sold on ebay years ago. I rumaged through all my old computer files and these came out. These were all done on blocks of wood, and all of them sold.....oh those were the good ole


Billy and Button said...

Im a first time visitor, I found you via a comment you left on Micki's blog. I just love this collection of paintings, they are so fun and fresh! Inspiring :D

Anonymous said...

These paintings look so cool together! Lots of fun and colour.

Anonymous said...

Oh I cannot believe it, these are the same symptoms my daughter had, she is 5 years old. She was so hot she was going in and out of conciousness babbling and shaking. This developed into flu type symptoms. My mum said it sounded like a virus that attacked the head. I nearly phoned the ambulance, the calpol cooled her down. She was like this for 4 days. Alot of the children at her school had it also. We sleep with her all night with the landing light on, so I could check her.
I bet you were so worried also.
I am so pleased your baby is well now. They are still babies so young, bless'em.
What is amazing is that you live in Canada and I in the Uk and the virus hit at a similar time.
There seems to be so many bugs this year, I hope we have had the lot now for a good while?
Here to the bouncing beans having lots of good health and lots of love and fun!
Thank you so much for your message.