Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Etsy Store

Well, after two years of saying I was going to and didn't, I have finally opened an Etsy Store. My link is to the right of this post. I am so excited. I anticipate more viewing than anything, but thats ok with me. Any exposure is good exposer I say. I used to sell alot on ebay a few years ago, but it died out slowly and I had so many other things I was getting into, I rarely had any time to work with my art. I have so many paintings around my house now, I have built up quite a collection to sell. I will try and list some original work. I did a few shows last Christmas, but found I wasn't hitting the right audiences. Most people would say to me, " I love your work, you should be somewhere else" like not in a school auditorium....haha. I thought at the time, it would work, and I did sell alot of knick knack items, but my larger paintings were to expensive for trinket shopping. I also work in an art gallery, custom framing shop, that's where i put my cards with my artwork on them. They sell quite well and I keep up with the demand. So we will see how this goes, and I guess I have nothing to loose and everything to gain.
Have a great day and don't forget to visit.

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Charlie said...

Good luck....with your Etsy shop. Your work is awesome. I'm sure you will do well.