Thursday, December 11, 2008

She Just Came Out of the Paint

This little fairy literally just popped out of the painting. I was experimenting again, and just painted away mixing greens and blues and golds. I left lots of water and paint overnight on the surface not knowing what was going to happen. This morning I started to sketch and wala, she just came out. Her face is so sweet,and once again, I wish you could see the shimmery golds and greens that shine ever just so softly. I have been painting on small sizes of watercolor paper sized at 4 x 5.5, so I don't have to invest a ton of time on it. That way, I can move on quickly to the next one.


Kate said...

Wow, she is so beautiful! I love your style!!! I just cannot get enough, it seems. I am so glad I discovered your blog and pretty pretty art.

suzanne.artist said...

lovely work, and a beautiful blog!

Suzanne in CT

Ann's ART said...

Love this one!

PCarriker said...

What a beautiful piece! I can't wait to see your Shades of Gray:-) Let me know when they're up!
Thank you so much for your kind words.

Tammie Lee said...

This little being is so tender and alive. Really wonderful!