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Top 100 Popular Girl Names With Meanings 2018

1 Emma      Meaning ‘universal’, Emma made a surprising return, thanks to the legion of 
                             Emma heroines.
2 Olivia      This graceful and old-fashioned name, meaning ‘olive tree’.
3 Ava              This moniker, meaning ‘bird’, carries the glitz and glamor of Ava Gardner, the                                      raven-haired siren.
4 Sophia      This lovely and sweet name means ‘wise’.
5 Isabella       Meaning ‘god’s oath’, Isabella has been one of the top five names for several                                        years.
6 Mia              Mia, meaning ‘mine’, is one of the most popular names in America.
7 Charlotte      This moniker, with several literary ties and pop culture references, means ‘strong’.
8 Abigail      The classic and innocent Abigail means ‘father’s joy’.
9 Emily      This one can never go out of style. It means ‘industrious’.
10 Harper      This smart name has the twang of Harper Lee, one of the most celebrated authors                                 of our time. It means ‘harpist’.
11 Amelia      Amelia is a gracious and timeless name with the option of the contemporary                                         nickname Amy.
12 Evelyn      This elegant name has an artsy ring to it. It means ‘hazelnut’.
13 Elizabeth      Elizabeth, meaning ‘God’s oath’, has been one of the top 20 names in the US for                                   over a century.
14 Sofia      Sofia or Sophia means ‘wise’.
15 Madison      Madison, meaning ‘son of Matthew’, originated as a boy’s name, but is used more                               for girls now.
16 Avery      This trendy and sophisticated name means ‘elf counselor’.
17 Ella              Movie stars, in particular, have been opting this name lately. It means ‘beautiful                                   fairy’.
18 Scarlett      The meaning of Scarlett is ‘deep red’.
19 Grace      This moniker exudes a mystical sense of elegance and calm. It means ‘graceful’.
20 Chloe      Meaning ‘blooming’, this moniker epitomizes the feminine chic.
21 Victoria      Queen Victoria of England gave this name an air of upper-class stoicism. It means                              ‘victorious’.
22 Riley      This Irish surname is one of the hottest names for girls. It means ‘valiant’.
23 Aria              This light and airy name mean‘air’ or ‘lioness’.
24 Lily              This name represents the lily flower.
25    Aubrey      The meaning of Aubrey is ‘elf ruler’. It has been in the top 50 names list for four                                  years.
26 Zoey      Zoey is one of the most popular forms of Zoe. It means ‘life’.
27 Penelope      This classic name, meaning ‘weaver’, has been topping the popularity charts,                                       thanks to actress Penelope Cruz.
28 Lillian      This old-fashioned name has climbed to the popularity charts as the formal version                               of Lily. It means ‘lily flower’.
29 Addison      After spending decades on the boy’s side, this name has tipped over to the girl’s                                   territory. It means ‘son of Adam’.
30 Layla      The meaning of this lyrical name is ‘night’. Music fans would recognize this name                               from the Eric Clapton’s song.
31 Natalie      This one reminds us of the 50s, fresh-faced actress, Natalie Wood. It means ‘born                                 on Christmas day’.
32 Camila      This fast rising Latin name means ‘young ceremonial attendant’.
33 Hannah      Sweet and angelic, this one has been one of the top names for a decade. It means                                  ‘gracious’.
34 Brooklyn       It has occasionally been used as a name in honor of Brooklyn, the New York City                                borough, but is usually 
             regarded as simply a combination of the names Brook or Brooke
35 Zoe              This soft and gentle name has become a favorite as girl’s name for over a decade. It                                     means ‘life’.
36 Nora      Nora is the diminutive of Honora and means ‘light’.
37 Leah      This Biblical name needs no fancy embellishment to stay on the popularity charts.                               It means ‘weary’.
38 Savannah      Savannah is a popular geographical name. It means ‘treeless plain’, 
                             and refers to a plain ecosystem.
39 Audrey      This name, meaning ‘noble strength’, will never go out of style.
40 Claire      Meaning ‘clear’, Claire is one of the most popular one-syllable names.
41 Eleanor      Eleanor is a variation of Alienor.
42 Skylar      This spelling variation of Schuyler means ‘scholar’.
43 Ellie      This diminutive of Ellen and Eleanor means ‘bright shining one’.
44 Samantha     A sleek name with an appealing nickname (Sam), Samantha means ‘asked of                                        God’.
45 Stella      This beautiful Latin name means ‘star’.
46 Paisley      Paisley brings to mind the rich patterned fabric. It means ‘church’.
47 Violet      This soft and sweet color name is far from shrinking. It means ‘purple’.
48 Mila      Mila is the short form of several European names, including Milena.
49 Allison      Allison is the diminutive of Alice and means ‘noble’.
50 Alexa      Alexa is the shorter and snappier version of the name Alexandra. It means
                            ‘defender of mankind’.
51 Anna      This affectionate name means ‘grace’.
52 Hazel      Hazel refers to the hazelnut tree.
53 Aaliyah      This ethereal sounding name means ‘ascender’.
54 Ariana      Arian is the Italian variation of Ariadne and means ‘most holy’.
55 Lucy      Lucy is the variation of Lucia and means ‘light’.
56 Caroline     This moniker is as sweet as strawberry pie, and means ‘small and strong’.
57 Sarah      This name invokes wholesome sweetness. It means ‘princess’.
58 Genesis      This name isn’t as original as you think. It was given to 4,000 babies 
                             last year, and means ‘beginning’.
59 Kennedy      This attractive surname- turned-name means ‘helmeted chief’.
60 Sadie      Sadie is a diminutive of Sarah and means ‘princess’.
61 Gabriella      Gabriella is a graceful and intelligent name, meaning ‘god is my strength’.
62 Madelyn      Sitting pretty at #62, Madelyn means ‘woman from Magdala or high tower’.
63 Adeline      Adeline is the French diminutive of Adele and means ‘noble’.
64 Maya      This name reflects the new global culture. It means ‘illusion’.
65 Autumn      Autumn is an ideal for a baby born in October.
66 Aurora      It’s the name of the Roman goddess and means ‘dawn’.
67 Piper      Piper is a bright and beautiful name, meaning ‘pipe player’.
68 Hailey      Hailey is an English and Scottish clan name and means ‘Hay’s meadow’.
69 Arianna      This winsome name, meaning ‘holy’, has become increasingly popular over the                                     years.
70 Kaylee      Kaylee is the American variation of Kayla and means ‘laurel or crown’.
71 Ruby      This vibrant and sassy gem name has appeared in a number of musical                                                   compositions.
72 Serenity      The ‘peaceful’ virtue of this name has made it extremely popular.
73 Eva              Eva is the Latin form of the Hebrew name Eve and means ‘life’.
74 Naomi      Naomi is an Old Testament name and means ‘pleasantness’.
75 Nevaeh      This name  is Heaven spelled backwards.
76 Alice      This classic name means ‘noble’.
77 Luna      This Roman goddess name means ‘moon’.
78 Bella      Bella is a diminutive of Isabella and means ‘beautiful’.
79 Quinn      This Irish name, meaning ‘descendent of Conn’, would make a  
                             strong and attractive choice.
80 Lydia      This Greek name means ‘woman from Lydia’.
81 Peyton      This name means ‘a fighting man’s estate’ or ‘royal’.
82 Melanie      This name is full of charm. It means ‘dark-skinned’.
83 Kylie      This name is a variation of Kyle and means ‘boomerang’.
84 Aubree      Aubree is the spelling variation of Aubrey and means ‘elf ruler’.
85 Mackenzie Mackenzie is a strong and serious name, meaning ‘child of a wise leader’.
86 Kinsley      This classy, yet cute, name means ‘king’s meadow’.
87 Cora      Cora is an old-fashioned name, meaning ‘maiden’.
88 Julia      The meaning of this ancient name is ‘youthful’.
89 Taylor      Taylor is an English occupational name and means ‘tailor’.
90 Katherine     This worldly, sophisticated, and elegant name means ‘pure’.
91 Madeline       This lovely name with a delicate image means ‘woman from Magdala or high                                      tower’.
92 Gianna      Gianna is a radiant name, meaning ‘God is gracious’.
93 Eliana      This rhythmic name means ‘my God has answered’.
94 Elena      This Spanish variation of Helen means ‘bright’ or ‘shining light’.
95 Vivian      Meaning ‘life’, Vivian is one name that is on the rise.
96 Willow      This is a name of an ancient tree featuring in several texts.
97 Reagan      This regal name means ‘little king’.
98 Brianna      Brianna is a delicate and feminine name with an Irish flavor. It means ‘strong’.
99 Clara      Clara is a Latin name, meaning ‘bright and clear’.
100 Faith      This English word name got popularity via R&B singer Faith Evans.

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