Friday, August 14, 2009

I Know This Happens To Alot of People...But When It Happens To You!!!

Good morning everyone,

I was thinking I would warn everyone to what could happen if you didn't back up your hard drive....and to most of my lovely followers this means your art! When I came home from my vacation, I was greeted by a broken computer....I thought to myself....self, its probably just a broken fan, or just some random part that can easily be replaced by my local computer guru. My computer has been long outdated and I planned on buying one soon anyways, so I wasn't to concerned. I thought that I would just go and buy an external hard drive and copy everything onto it from my broken computer and plan to buy and new computer soon. Luckily I can use my hubbys computer till I purchase one. I took my broken computer into the shop along with my external hard drive....1 tb memory...more than I would need in a lifetime, to have him copy it for me.....well....I went back the next day to pick it up and mr guru told me my hard drive was gone......YIKES! Luckily and I mean LUCKILY hubby purchased me a small zip disk for Christmas and I copied all of my photos and most of my art onto it. But everything since Jan and most of my business files.....actually ALL of my business files are Gone!!!! I do still keep hard copies of everything in files....thank goodness, but yikes this could have been alot worse.....So note to all of you.......Back up your hard drives today....stop putting it off!!! I was lucky enough to have saved what I had. guru told me I can send out my hard drive to a recovery place, but the cost is high somewhere around the 200-500.00 and you still get charged even if they don't recover the data. I won't spend that..... luckily I have most of what I need.

Everything is going great with everything else, and this was just another setback....I'll get over it...I think I am still in shock and that the move is keeping me busy...hahaha, so I don't have time to think about it. Also, this is the best time of year to purchase a new computer....actually I am going if anyone has any advice as to which computer model to buy, I would Love to hear from you!

Many Thanks and have a Charming Weekend


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