Friday, August 14, 2009

I Know This Happens To Alot of People...But When It Happens To You!!!

Good morning everyone,

I was thinking I would warn everyone to what could happen if you didn't back up your hard drive....and to most of my lovely followers this means your art! When I came home from my vacation, I was greeted by a broken computer....I thought to myself....self, its probably just a broken fan, or just some random part that can easily be replaced by my local computer guru. My computer has been long outdated and I planned on buying one soon anyways, so I wasn't to concerned. I thought that I would just go and buy an external hard drive and copy everything onto it from my broken computer and plan to buy and new computer soon. Luckily I can use my hubbys computer till I purchase one. I took my broken computer into the shop along with my external hard drive....1 tb memory...more than I would need in a lifetime, to have him copy it for me.....well....I went back the next day to pick it up and mr guru told me my hard drive was gone......YIKES! Luckily and I mean LUCKILY hubby purchased me a small zip disk for Christmas and I copied all of my photos and most of my art onto it. But everything since Jan and most of my business files.....actually ALL of my business files are Gone!!!! I do still keep hard copies of everything in files....thank goodness, but yikes this could have been alot worse.....So note to all of you.......Back up your hard drives today....stop putting it off!!! I was lucky enough to have saved what I had. guru told me I can send out my hard drive to a recovery place, but the cost is high somewhere around the 200-500.00 and you still get charged even if they don't recover the data. I won't spend that..... luckily I have most of what I need.

Everything is going great with everything else, and this was just another setback....I'll get over it...I think I am still in shock and that the move is keeping me busy...hahaha, so I don't have time to think about it. Also, this is the best time of year to purchase a new computer....actually I am going if anyone has any advice as to which computer model to buy, I would Love to hear from you!

Many Thanks and have a Charming Weekend


Artistic Accents by Darla said...

So sorry this happened to you! I know all too well, because it's happened to me too but I still haven't done it!
I think I might go out and buy something this weekend. It's scary to think of losing everything!
Thanks for the reminder :)

Faith said...

It just shows how easy this can happen to lose all the images and your contactsss eeeek thanks for reminding me Im going to ask my partner to save things on a disk for me incase our computer decides to puff out its life. I love your art its great.

Elise said...

Hello, just wanted to pop in & leave you a comment because you have such a delightful site ! I've loved looking at your pictures and reading your posts - they are great !

Thank you so much for sharing them

Sabii Wabii said...

You jsut scared me! Now I have to call "BOB" in the morning and figure out what and how to do that. Blogging is a feat unto inself that I am still quite amazed at myself about!

Cara said...

Sorry you went through all that! What lovely art you create! Happy to have found you :o)

Patti said...

Shelly a similar thing happened to be back in May and I thought I had lost EVERYTHING but lucily my husband had installed a little backup drive called MY BOOK and it saved EVERYTHING, even my emails!

You may want to look into getting one too. You can set it to back up everyday or once a month, it is up to you but clearly worth the 100.00 we spent to buy it. Actually I have one and my husband has one on his computer too. I was just sick when I knew i had lost it all until i found out it had been backed up for me automatically!

Good Luck with that brand new computer.