Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More angels!

I also found this photo copy of my many angel aceos i used to sell, i remember a customer in England who bought them all. I still sell a lot of these as cards. I did these in 07. Of course I sold the originals, and this is all I have left....just the .jpgs....hahaha


Naija said...

you do lovely angels and thats nice to have some arts saved to remeber old good times :)..if my hubby didnt save my art i wouldt have any left :0..would you like to hop in to my blog and tell me earnestly what you think about my blogheader i made of one of my old paintings???pls??

~Vintage Nina~ said...

Wow...they are beautiful! I love the style and flow of your art, it is so so unique. I am so glad you had photos left to share with us! Thanks for sharing. HAPPY DAY!!!

simoart said...

These are lovely angels, You have a great talent. Keep up the good work.