Thursday, February 19, 2009

Okay Off Topic but I have a Theory.....

Today I am at work so I am going to write instead of posting a photo of my doll that I am working on. I am so excited with her and hope to finish her tonight. I will post photo when I am done.

I wanted to share a theory I have and then you can all comment on my thoughts.....this one is funny. Ok, so we have lotteries here in Canada, just like USA and last nights was 39 million. Gosh how I dream (along with 40 million other Canadians) that I would win and do my happy dance. I have that one down pat. I am jiggying along with my arms and legs flapping away. Well the computer has quick picks, meaning a computer terminal randomly picks the numbers for you and you take those numbers.

Well, I figure that if the computer is generating the numbers, what are the odds that those numbers are chosen in the end. Does each seperate computer at each terminal have a seperate "brain"? Meaning can a terminal spit out the same numbers? I figure that because a computer is giving you the numbers.....logically that some where along the line, someone should have figured it out. Someone should have figured out the odds of numbers coming up. And if all the computers are giving out randomly selected numbers, are those numbers put into the computer and then those numbers don't show up in the end. Kind of like a pre-notice not to pick those numbers. Not sure if this is making any sense, but really, like a slot machine, they say that random numbers and pictures show up at any time and that it is impossible to figure out when it will hit the jackpot. Unless the numbers show up by magnets, the computer is programmed somehow, and somehow, somewere, sometime it should hit the jackpot. Has someone figured it out, because if a computer was programmed by a human, then that human should know the exact combination of pulls and numbers drawn for jackpots. Ok, enough of that, I am just upset I didn't win again. I hardly buy tickets, but every time I do, I go through this ......Just a thought to ponder.

Have a great day


sherry lee said...

lol Shelley...I am so NOT a gambler...and I never buy lottery tickets...but I love your thinking here and wondering if there is a way to beat the odds!! It does make me wonder though, how the winners come up with their #s!!

K said...

I makes you wonder!! I think there is a lot to be said for our intuition! Go with your gut next time you are picking numbers!!!

Thank you also so much for your input on art classes, etc..! :)

Billy and Button said...

Haha, I had to laugh at this. Im not a gambler either, but DREAM OFTEN of living a life of richness. I have a theory, more of a belief actually, and that is: everyone should be rich! Everyone should have the right to expereience what life has to offer at its fullest! Anyway sorry to hijack your post.. Maybe you'll get lucky next time! Kaili xx