Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ever Wondering What To Do With Valentines?

My daughter and I started this project this morning. We gathered up all the valentines cards.... (did someone turn Valentines into Halloween?....because I think she received the same amount of treats on Valentines Day as she did at Halloween) (in the classroom). We then stretched a piece of paper around one of my wooden boards for sturdiness. Then I rumbled through my drawers and found just about anything pick I could muster up. She arranged all the candy bags first, then stuck the valentines cards on top. Then we colored, pasted and painted our way to the finished product. She will be munching on treats for days to come, all while remembering the valentines she recieved along with them. I must say though, the treats were sooo pretty and pink. I thank all the parents that went to all the trouble to make up the bags.


sherry lee said...

I miss those days (my boys are nearly 21 and 17) of the treats from school and the Valentine cards they'd get. What a fabulous way to display your daughter's treasures and a keepsake she'll have to look back on. MUCH better than leaving them in a bag or a box stuffed in a drawer or a closet! It's lovely Shelley! I especially love that the 2 of you worked on it together.

Shelley said...

Thanks Sherry,

My other children are older now too, so with my youngest (6) I still get to enjoy all the fun stuff with her. This collage was a blast. I'm not sure what we will do with it later, but it is pink and it matches her room, so it might hang there for a while.

Not to say I don't have fun with the older ones, but apart from baking cupcakes once in a while and making quacamole(friday nights) I usually speak to them via msn....jk.