Window Displays

Windows  Displays Using Chalk Markers
Art by Shelley Szczucki

Create Lovely Winter Displays Like This One.

Drawing with Liquid Chalk Markers is a lovely way to enhance your store display.  You can draw just about anything for any season.  You can place your store logo, show an upcoming sale, or enhance a display with just a few techniques that are easy to do and easy to clean up.

What You Will Need:

Liquid Chalk Markers Found Here
I use Uchida brand as they don't dry up like some others I have used.

I prefer white markers, as they show up very well during the day and wonderful from the inside during the evening.    You can use color too.   I have seen many artists use this technique.  The style is very whimsical and is useful for flowers during the spring months.

Style For Drawing

I find the best style for me is kind of like doodling.  I like the fine lines that I make and space the items close together so it kind of looks like a coloring book.   If the window is large, try just framing the outside.  If you have something in the store window that you want to enhance this is a perfect way.   Try searching for small doodles to replicate.  I have my phone with me and copy while I paint.  I don't do an exact replica.  I try to incorporate my own style.

How Long Does It Take To Create a Liquid Chalk Window Display?

In my experience, a normal size window about 9ft by 8ft takes about 2 hours.  Of course, this depends on how intricate your design is.  I have done a whole laundromat in 4 hours.  That was amazing.  

How Much Should I Charge

This all depends on the length of time that you take to do a design.  I have charged about $125.00 for a mornings work.  Remember to always work with your customer to see what they would like.  Keep track of all your work through a photo album so your customer can see what you're capable of. 

Clean Up

Clean Up is a snap   When purchasing your liquid chalk markers, please always make sure they are removable by water.  There are some on the market that are extremely hard to remove and have a waxy surface to them.  Please don't use them.  To clean, all I use is a damp cloth to wipe away the chalk, then go back over with vinegar and water to make the window shine.

How to Make Money Using This Technique

All you need to do is find one place that will let you try.  Offer your services for free......believe me, once they see the lovely effect they will have you coming back.  Also, whoever sees it in the window, will ask who did it.  Make sure to leave business cards wherever you create so they can pass along the info and gain more views.

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